Moondream thermal curtains and linings are an innovative, patented, effective and practical solution to your insulation needs: windows are an important source of heat loss in winter, while sometimes transforming a room into a greenhouse in summer.

Dress your windows in a high-technology fabric which, depending on your needs, insulates you against cold from outside or maintains a cool interior - this is the intelligent idea proposed by Moondream.

Moondream thermal textiles are used in all-in-one thermal curtains and drapes or thermal lining, which is discreetly attached to your curtains. Their specific technology reflects back 80-90% of heat rays towards the inside of the room in winter, and to the outside in summer.

During the summer, our thermal curtains and linings reflect solar radiation outwards, thus protecting you against heat. During the winter, they reflect the heat from your heating system back towards the interior, thus reducing your energy consumption.

Moondream thermal solutions therefore allow you to save up to 46% on your heating bills or to reduce your indoor temperatures by up to 7°C during the summer months.

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