Anti-radiation lining

With Moondream EMF-shielding lining, you'll be protected against external electromagnetic waves!

How do the EMF-shielding curtains work?

Ordinary curtains do not stop electromagnetic waves entering your home, but you can now protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation without changing your curtains, thanks to Moondream's lining. Discreet and effective, in just a few minutes it transforms the curtains you love into a genuine EMF shield in any room of the house. Made from a copper and nickel alloy on a polyester support, which directs radiofrequencies back outside, the EMF-shielding lining divides the electromagnetic field in your room by 3. It’s very quick and easy to install: just attach it to the back of your current curtains using the clever Velcro system. In a single step, you can instantly insulate your home against the external nuisances that disturb your living comfort.

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