Moondream Custom Curtain

Create your custom curtain in 3 easy steps

Moondream offers more than 500 different types of ready-to-hang curtains, but if you need special dimensions or a different finish, you can simply order a custom curtain that exactly fits your needs!

Step 1: Select the main function of your curtain


Up to 100% Blackout

Moondream blackout curtains protect your interior from incoming light.

We offer several types of blackout curtains:

- Dimming curtains

- 75-95% Blackout curtains

- 100% Blackout curtains


2-in-1 solution: Thermal and Blackout

Moondream's thermal solutions save up to 46% on your energy bill or reduce your indoor temperature by up to 7° C during the summer months.

Our thermal curtains are also all dimming or blackout depending on the model you choose.

Sound Insulation

3-in-1 solution: Soundproof, Thermal and Blackout

Our acoustic curtains protect you from noise by reducing the sound entering the window by up to 7 decibels, which turns your interior into a comfort bubble.

They also offer thermal insulation against cold and heat and as well as a protection against light. The acoustic curtains also exist as a room divider, whose two faces are absolutely identical.


For balcony, terrace or porch

Moondream made to measure gazebo curtains are a simple and effective solution that protects you from the harmful effects of sunlight.

Fire retardant

To protect your home from fire

The M1 Moondream flame retardant curtains are non-flammable curtains. It is a technical solution combining safety, comfort and the beauty of the fabric. Ideal in the hotel environment, they can also perfectly meet the safety criteria of families who wish to live in a protected space.

We offer several types of fire-retardant curtains:

- Fire-retardant blackout curtains
- Fire-retardant sheers
- Fire-retardant thermal sheers