At Moondream, our Research & Development team is dedicated to studying the various possible uses of fabric in harsh conditions. The aim: to discover new domestic comfort solutions.

Our study, coupled with technological advancements, has unearthed great diversity, so much so we now speak of fabrics and not just of fabric in the singular.


Industries ranging from professional sports to architecture, transportation to healthcare, even design to contemporary art, have learned how to craft material.


The origin of fibers is more and more diversified. We count among them glass, carbon and plant fibers — linen, glycine, and hemp.


The advent of nanotechnologies has also made it possible to use new fibers to create intelligent fabrics. Designed to adapt to different environmental conditions, they now have the capacity to become biosensors, thermal regulators, antibacterial, hydrophilic, and therapeutic. These fabrics are so technologically advanced they can even communicate, register physical reactions, provide GPS tracking, and change color based on mood!

What's more, these new fabrics have become much more environmentally friendly in both their design and use. They allow us to actualize comfortable living in a way beneficial to both the planet and ourselves due to their propensity to minimize energy consumption.

Technological know-how to ensure high-performance comfort

Moondream is a pioneer in the development and distribution of high-technology drapes such as blackout, thermal, and mosquito repellent, among others.
Moondream is devoted to increasing the potential performance of all its fabrics to enhance comfort and well-being in your home.
Although drapes remain its main area of expertise, the Moondreamlab is also committed to exploring other applications of its advanced technology.

Paying particular attention to connected fabric experiences, and new behaviors associated with the Quantified Self, the Moondreamlab is exploring different solutions that can be adapted to domestic use.

Yet our brand spirit is not focused solely on the pursuit of innovation for innovation’s sake.

For Moondream, Research & Development is pursued with only one aim: to provide our customers with beautifully simple and safe products.
At Moondream we disregard complicated, awkward or intricate innovations - however modern or daring they may be.
To us, this focus on simple innovation is the mark of a good product, and the guarantee that it'll last for years to come.

The Moondream concept - a technology for your home

The Moondream brand is positioned around three key statements:
1. Drapes, linings, curtains and others need not be just strips of fabric. With added technology they can be transformed into barriers against unwanted intrusions such as glaring lights, extreme temperatures, pesky insects and noise.
2. Fabric represents an economic and stylish solution to decorating needs, and has the added benefit of providing homes with the privacy they require.
3. The need for environmentally conscious behavior has encouraged us to seek out alternatives to energy-hungry solutions, like heating and air conditioning, or costly home improvements, such as double or even triple glazing.

The Moondream spirit is centered on a core belief that achieving comfort in your home is an absolute necessity, and anything that can realize this simply and effectively way will always be the best solution.

From light to total blackout curtains - visual comfort

Traditional blackout curtains are made using several layers of thick coating, a process that makes them heavy, cumbersome and rough to the touch.
In contrast, Moondream blackout curtains offer several blackout solutions that don’t compromise the quality of fabric.

The Moondream technological solution
The range of Moondream blackout curtain solutions vary depending on the desired visual effect. They consist of either a flexible coating to the surface of linen or cotton textiles..., or a straight interlaced weave of different fabrics, for example: a satin fabric mixed with a black weave on the inside.

In other words, the desired blackout intensity of a curtain can be chosen based on the model: light or total blackout.
Regardless of the type of solution chosen, each Moondream blackout curtain is light, elegant, and features the soft flowing movement of traditional high quality curtains.

Proven efficacy: example of the solid-color blackout curtain
Tests performed by an independent laboratory (Report No. M109 of the ENVEHO research consultancy of June 2011). Comparison of the amount of daylight infiltrating a single glazed window, a window dressed with a standard curtain, and a window with a Moondream light or dark blackout curtain:
- Single glazed window: 85,000 lux (the lux is the unit of light intensity)
- Rideau seul : 19 000 lux
- Rideau occultant Moondream clair : 18 lux
- Rideau occultant Moondream foncé : 0 lux

The Moondream thermal curtain - Summer / winter comfort

Thermal insulation fabrics, such as those used in emergency blankets, have been around for a long time, thus proving their efficacy at conserving heat. Unfortunately, as they are designed from an aluminum coated plastic film, they are often very stiff and noisy. In contrast, the Moondream thermal drape lining retains all the thermal insulation benefits present in a traditional thermal fabric, while still remaining supple and quiet like a regular fabric.

Moondream's technological solution
Inspired by nanotechnologies, Moondream has become the first ever company to industrially metallize fabric by injecting microscopic aluminum particles into woven thread. In addition to being truly soft to the touch, this type of fabric also offers a thermal performance comparable to one found in emergency blankets or astronaut suits.

This exclusive process, protected under an internationally recognized patent, applies to linings which can then be combined with any standard curtain or directly incorporated into lined curtains.

Proven efficacy
An independent laboratory tested the performance of Moondream thermal curtain linings, for both the "summer" and the "winter" lining.

- Refresh by Moondream summer curtain lining (Report No. PE116 of the ENVEHO research consultancy of March 20, 2009)

Comparison of temperatures in a room exposed to the sun equipped with a single glazed window, a window dressed with a standard curtain, and a window with a Refresh by Moondream lined curtain:
- Single glazed window: 34°C
- Standard curtain: 32.2 °C
- Curtain with a Refresh by Moondream lining: 26.5 °C

- Eco by Moondream winter curtain lining (Report No. M101 of the ENVEHO research consultancy of September 2, 2009)

Comparison of savings in heating costs measured in a room exposed to the sun equipped with a single glazed window, a window dressed with a standard curtain, and a window with an Eco by Moondream winter economical lined curtain:
- Single glazed window: 0%
- Standard curtain: 26.1%
- Curtain with an Eco by Moondream Winter lining: 46%

- Bi-Cool summer/winter curtain lining (Report No. PE 266 of the ENVEHO research consultancy of May 29, 2012)

Winter efficiency
Savings in heating measured in a room exposed to the sun equipped with a single glazed window, a window equipped with a standard curtain, and a window equipped with a Bi-Cool thermal lined curtain:
- Single glazed window: 0%
- Standard curtain: 35%
- Curtain with an Bi-cool summer/winter lining: 47,8%

Summer efficiency
Temperature measured in a room exposed to the sun equipped with a single glazed window, a window equipped with a standard curtain, and a window equipped with a Bi-Cool thermal lined curtain:
- Single glazed window: 33.7°C
- Standard curtain: 30.7 °C
- Curtain with a Bi-cool summer/winter lining: 29.3 °C

The Moondream soundproof curtain – Acoustic, thermal & visual comfort

There is no other way to improve levels of acoustic comfort than to block a greater amount of decibels. For a drape, this is achieved by increasing the density and the weight of the fabric.
However restrictive this solution may seem, we at Moondream have used it to our advantage. Rather than make a single layer of fabric heavier, Moondream devised a method of layering multiple fabrics together. Each one of these layers then acts as a barrier to sound, and gives the drape an added advantage of increased opacity and thermal protection.

Moondream's technological solution
This new, multifaceted process from Moondream combines three different components to create a drape capable of offering soundproofing, blackout and thermal insulation effects.

1: interior chosen from among a range of dense fabrics that encourage a full blackout effect
2: exterior made of brushed cotton, selected for the density and high quality of the material
3: sandwich layer made from an insulation fabric sits between the interior and exterior layer to guarantee the acoustic and thermal performance of the drape

Proven efficacy

Sound performance:
A reduction of up to 7 decibels* (Test performed by Kietudes in accordance with EN ISO 10052).
*a decibel is a unit used to measure the intensity of sound based on a scale that differs from normal measurements (the scale is a base-10 logarithm scale). For example, if a washing machine has a sound level of 55 dB, two machines running simultaneously will not have a level of 110, but of 58 dB. On the contrary, each time sound energy decreases by 3 dB it is divided by two!

- Single glazed window: 70 dB
- With a Moondream sound insulation drape: 63 dB*
* Meaning that the acoustic level has been reduced four-fold. Test performed by an independent laboratory

Moondream sound-insulating curtains also reduce the reverberation of sounds within the room.

For a surface area of approximately 20m², the reverberation time is reduced by 0.4 seconds (test by the Experimental Center for Building and Public Works Research and Studies (CEBTP), experimental report no. BEB2.E.6039-1).

The resulting acoustic environment is warmer and cosier.

Thermal performance (Report No. PE435 of the ENVEHO research consultancy of February 11, 2015) :
Savings of up to 37% on heating costs in winter and up to a few degrees difference in summer.

Blackout performance :
Up to 100% less light.

Also exists in a Room divider curtain version. With identical fabric on either side, it’s the perfect solution for organising your space and creating partitions.

The Moondream biologically active mosquito repellent curtain – Comfort, hygiene, security and health

Mosquito bites are both unpleasant and, at times quite dangerous. Finding adequate protection can prove difficult. Although mosquito nets are efficient, they are bulky and stick out from an interior. Mosquito sprays are an alternative method of protection.

Made from a cocktail of chemicals, they are not only harmful to the environment but also a risk to your health. Faced with this problem, Moondream came up with a 100% natural, 100% repellent textile solution.

The Moondream technological solution
Moondream’s solution is formed from a base of essential oils renowned for their effective mosquito repellent qualities (lemon, lavender and eucalyptus), and is effective for up to 10 washes! Design by Breyner, a company specializing in biologically active fabric treatments, this mix of mosquito repellent oils does not contain pesticides or chemical solvents.

Proven efficacy
Tests were performed in a laboratory to compare the behavior of mosquitoes in an environment with and without the presence of Moondream mosquito repellent fabric. When faced with the treated fabric, 83% of mosquitoes were deterred by the fabric.

Repellent performance
Over 83% repellent potency for the curtain (T.E.C. laboratory – Report No. 1569-E031301/0113R of March 2013), and over 97 % repellent potency for the sheer (T.E.C. laboratory – Report No. 1725-AM-E140620/0114R of June 2014).

Measurement based on the difference in potency between the ability of treated and untreated fabric to repel mosquitoes:

- Mosquito-repellent curtain:

- Mosquito-repellent sheer:

The Moondream anti-radiation curtain - Comfort, tranquility, well-being

Windows themselves don't provide protection from external electromagnetic frequency emissions. Neither do drapes, whatever their thickness. However, the ubiquitous use of mobile phones (with increasingly strong signals) and Wi-Fi has caused a surge in the impact of these invisible emissions, given off by neighborhoods' relay antennas.
Faced with this issue, Moondream has come up with an advanced lining that minimizes the entry of electromagnetic frequencies into your home.

The Moondream technological solution
The technology was developed by the aeronautical and medical industries for which electromagnetic shielding is of crucial importance.
Made from a polyester support and coated with an alloy of copper and nickel (CuNi2, 55% alloy, 45% polyester) the lining forms a highly efficient barrier against external radiofrequencies to minimize the exposure of indoor spaces to magnetic radiation.

Proven efficacy
Unlike most tests undertaken to measure the efficiency of other EMF Shielding products, Moondream decided to test the performance of its lining under real conditions!
In fact, it is often the case that results reported in laboratory tests are based on abstract conventions - generally conducted inside a box sealed off against magnetic fields (Faraday cage). Based on the assumption that few of us live inside a Faraday cage, Moondream chose to test its EMF Shielding curtain lining in a standard home, located in a normal urban environment.
The results from this test were compelling, but don’t just take our word for it as you too could experience the benefits of Moondream EMF Shielding technology.

Measured reduction* of about 10dB on average within a range of 800MHz to 5200MHz. Tests performed under real conditions (Tests performed by Supélec. Report No SE/TCOM/TL/2014/002).
The Moondream EMF lining and curtains provides highly significant reduction of waves that pass through windows.
And it provides yet better protection when used with other protective measures on walls and floors.

*Reduction provided by the drapes: Comparison of waves passing through a window alone and those detected through a window equipped with the Moondream EMF lining or curtain.


We can't see them, but they are everywhere in our home. Dust mites live in fabric, bedding, carpets, chairs, curtains, and they feed on dust. Dust mites survive and multiply best in a warm, dark environment.

Upon contact with them, we develop allergies, often with mild effects such as a runny nose, stinging eyes and sneezing, though the symptoms can also be more serious (asthma or eczema).

Moondream's technological solution
Moondream has developed a blackout curtain treated with essential oils that prevents the proliferation of dust mites. Geraniol is a molecule found in the family of lemon grasses.

This active substance is natural, without pesticides or endocrine disruptors, and is colourless and gentle for the health. It penetrates into the heart of the fibre and provides long-lasting efficacy.

When combined with good domestic hygiene and suitable products for bedding, seats and floors, Moondream anti-dust mite curtains help fight this bothersome pest and keep your home healthy.

Proven efficacy
Tests have been done to compare untreated fabric with fabric treated with the anti-dust mite oil. The two samples were put into contact with the same population of dust mites for 6 weeks, which corresponds to two cycles of development.

The results for the treated fabric were:
- 89% elimination of the dust mites after one week.
- Complete 100% elimination of the dust mites after 6 weeks.

Tests performed by the T.E.C. laboratory
Report no. 1996-E15 1110/0915R of January 2016