The heading is the look of the top of your finished curtains. Choosing a heading style is key, as it will determine the overall look of your custom curtains. Below is all the information you need to make your decision.

Curtain headings to choose from


The eyelet style is the most contemporary look. It consists of metal rings (rust-resistant stainless steel) with an internal diameter of 4 cm. These are available in three very on-trend colours:

  • Gunmetal: Front / Back of curtain
Oeillet canon de fusil

  • Matte silver: Front / Back of curtain

  • Matte gold: Front / Back of curtain
Oeillet doré

Pencil Pleats

The pencil-pleat style uses heading tape (a strip of thick fabric) sewn onto the top of the curtains, allowing hooks (supplied) to be attached to a track. Moondream pencil pleat curtains are made with 7-cm-wide heading tape. As the heading is reinforced, it falls well and gives a high-end aesthetic.

Galon fronceur

You do however have the option of modifying the pleat, by following our video tutorial:

Rod Pocket heading

This very practical style consists of a ‘pocket’ hem sewn across the top of the curtain, through which a pole is threaded. The pole is thus completely covered by the curtain. As the pocket opening is 3 cm in diameter, that of your pole needs to be less than 3 cm.

Passe tringle

When installing your rod pocket-heading curtain, you can watch our tutorial video:

Choosing a track or pole

For a perfect result, where possible, we recommend having the track / pole extend 20 cm beyond your window on each side and attaching it at least 15 cm above your window. More generally, we also draw your attention to the weight of your custom-made curtain. In the case of long and/or wide curtains, sound insulation curtains and room dividers, the weight of a pair of these can exceed 10kg. It is thus important to take this into account when choosing a track or pole. NB: Curtain tracks and poles are not supplied, nor are they sold on our website.

To choose the right track or pole, you first need to decide on a heading style:

For an eyelet heading

If you are fitting an eyelet curtain on a pole, the diameter of the pole must not be more than 3 cm. Make allowance for a 2.5-cm clearance between the top of the pole and your ceiling for the part of the fabric above the eyelet.

eyelets measure

For a pencil pleat heading

If you are fitting a pencil pleat curtain, you can use either a track or a pole with rings, as follows:

Galon tringle

For a rod pocket heading

When installing your rod pocket-heading curtain, you can watch our tutorial video: