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We have selected five 100% linen fabrics from Lissoy, mainly grown in the north of France in a very environmentally-friendly way. This selection shows how much we admire Lissoy for its tasteful fabrics and weaving expertise, as well as its boldness when it comes to working with colours.

This collection of curtains combines the effectiveness of Moondream technology with the intelligence and authentic elegance of Lissoy linens.

In January 2014, Lissoy was awarded European Flax certification from the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp.

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Pre-washed linen

Steam washed at high temperature, tumble dried, washed again, dried again, then repeated all over again... This long, slow steaming and drying process speeds up time: the fibres of the fabric soften and the linen reaches its full potential without having to wait many years. Pre-washed linen looks like it already has a story to tell. Its elegant, crinkled aspect and luxurious thickness give it a beautifully relaxed drape – the epitome of comfort. But don’t be deceived by this conventional description. Just because Lissoy pre-washed linen respects the purest weaving traditions does not mean that colour does not have a part to play. In addition to classic white, the fabric also comes in rust, blue and curry.

Yarn-dyed linen

Interior fabrics inspired by clothing... it sounds unlikely, but they do exist and they’re beautiful too – beautifully designed and beautifully made. So, here are three yarn-dyed linens with a distinctly masculine look, but masculine is not a gender here, it's a style. They have that quintessentially British feel that embodies both elegance and comfort. And they’re far from ostentatious, with the single use of two black and white threads to give the weave its distinctive style. These three yarn-dyed linens more than deserve their ‘luxury chic’ status at Lissoy.

Antique linen

Coarse threads, an open weave, raw material – these linens don't try to hide the rustic grandeur of their sackcloth ancestry. Long before this precious fibre was used for decoration, the role of linen was to securely carry and protect people's precious belongings, from their post to their potatoes and to wrap their beds and their beloveds. Lissoy pays tribute to these somewhat humble beginnings, exceeding expectations with its collection of antique linens with a distinctive personality more than capable of representing both the character of the home and its owners.