Step 3: Choose your heading type and dimensions
Made to Measure Soundproof Curtains

Black Soundproof Room Divider Custom Curtain MC710

Occultant Thermique Phonique
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Sound- and thermal-insulating, blackout room divider Custom Curtain

Moondream's reversible sound-insulating room divider curtains use a patented technology* for true acoustic insulation.
The reversible room divider Custom Curtain is made up of 4 layers (blackout fabric on each external side, with one metallized thermal-insulating lining layer and one thick cotton layer inside) that absorb and stop the passage of sound waves. Laboratory tests have found that sound is dampened by -9Db on average, meaning that the sound energy is divided by 8. The Custom Curtain acts as an acoustic wall and is particularly effective against high frequency noise such as voices.

Because the Custom Curtain looks the same on both sides, itÕs the ideal replacement for a door or as a mobile partition wall.
Create an additional room and block out the surrounding hustle and bustle with just one pull of the string (office, bedroom, TV room, etc.). Or, follow your whims or needs and open up a space to host guests or redesign a large living room.

* French patent number 12 50968 / European patent number 2623681
(1) test performed by the CEBTP laboratory in accordance with EN ISO standard 717-1
(2) Report no. BEB2.F.6011-2 dated 27 April 2015

Technical details
Material: Face tissu : 100% Polyester / Doublure thermique : 99,99% Polyester + 0,01% Aluminium / Couche phonique : 100% Coton / Tissu arrière : 100% Polyester
Care: Dry-clean only
Collection: Basics
Fabric reference: 11A
Fabric color: MC710
To perfectly match your expectations, we recommend you to consult our guide: > Custom Curtains Guide

Heading of my curtain

How to choose the heading for my curtain? >

  • Eyelet (Gunmetal)

  • Eyelet (Matte silver)

  • Eyelet (Matte gold)

  • Pencil pleat

  • Rod Pocket

Dimensions of my window

For an optimal rendering we calculate the final width of your curtain based on the dimensions of your rod and the finish that you have chosen.
How to take measures of my window? >

Width of your curtain rod (cm)
Height of your curtain (cm)

The curtain will touch the ground level. Add 5 cm for a puddle effect.
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Number of curtain panels for this window

You can choose to divide your custom curtain into 1 or 2 curtain panels. For example, if your window dimension is 100 cm large and you choose 2 panels, you will receive 2 curtains with a width of about 50 cm each.
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1 panel for your window 2 panels for your window

Your curtain:

Type: Made to Measure Soundproof Curtains
Fabric: Room divider
Color: Black MC710
Heading: Choose heading
Window dimensions: Enter width and height
Number of panels: Choose the number of curtain panels
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Weight per curtain: kg
DELIVERY TIME: currently longer than usual (4-6 weeks)