Insect repellent curtain

The term "pesky" is increasingly used to designate scores of insects that only seem to exist to annoy us. Whatever we do, they are everywhere, even in the cleanest home.
It goes without saying that they reduce our quality of life and affect the hygiene and even health of the most sensitive members of any family.
Moondream offers aid to effectively combat two types of particularly pesky and harmful insects: mosquitoes and dust mites. The two insect repellent curtains solutions proposed are completely non-toxic, natural and non-volatile.
They constitute two alternatives to chemical insecticides that only offer fleeting action while contaminating the air in your home.
Moondream's anti-dust mite curtains and anti-mosquito curtains have been tested in independent laboratories and rely on a technology with excellent repellant power to preserve both comfort and well-being.
The anti-mosquito curtains and sheers repel up to 97% of these pesky summer pests. And the anti-dust mite curtains are up to 100% effective (after six weeks).