Moondream &

Moondream's business involves finding the perfect balance between the technological performance and beauty of the fabric to create a more tranquil living environment in the home.
This also represents a real business philosophy.

With its Moondream& collections, Moondream has extensively developed the concept of balance by developing a partnership policy with other brands, as well as with individual professionals such as scientists, artists and designers etc. It involves a willingness and commitment to offer the public the fruits of the work carried out by the various professions, which share the same conviction: curtains are not merely a piece of fabric but an intelligent and beautiful solution that enhances your well-being at home.
Consequently, the objective is to offer a discerning public the Moondream& collections, which combine Moondream performance with refined materials and designer patterns.

On their intelligence:
Each curtain in this collection, whether blackout, thermal or sound-insulating, benefits from all of the technological qualities designed for its function. These qualities have built Moondream's worldwide reputation and are proven and certified by independent bodies.

On their beauty:
The Moondream & collections offer a selection of carefully selected fabrics.
We look for aesthetic complementarity in our partners. From their collections, we select a variety of fabric types that blend harmoniously with the various curtain functionalities we offer. These Moondream& collections are nearly exclusively made up of the noblest fibres.
The beauty of a curtain depends on its integration into your home. Consequently the Moondream& collections explore a variety of aesthetic options: chic, classic, cosy or creative.