Anti-radiation curtains

Moondream EMF-shielding curtains and lining

In cities, we are exposed to electromagnetic waves on a daily basis. Mobile phones, phone masts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, electromagnetic waves are all around us! To protect yourself in the home, Moondream offers EMF-shielding curtains and lining.

Technological and decorative EMF-shielding

Protect your home from neighbouring and external electromagnetic frequencies, with Moondream EMF-shielding curtains and lining. Inspired by technology used in the aeronautical and medical sectors, over 50% of our curtain lining consists of a copper and nickel alloy that reduces magnetic radiation. This is proven by results from real-life tests: with our EMF-shielding curtains and lining, the electromagnetic field is divided by 3!

Our curtains come in a range of natural, timeless colours that look great in a living room or a bedroom. Do you like your current curtains and want to keep them? You can transform them into an EMF shield in one simple step, with our Velcro system curtain lining. Whichever you choose, peace and quiet will be restored to your home.