Anti-dust mite curtain

What's the best way to kill dust mites?
These tiny pests are only one tenth of a millimetre in size, but they colonise our homes and our beds by the millions. And they are all the more bothersome because they are invisible. Despite this, these unwelcome housemates are the cause of many allergenic problems that can either be benign (itching of the eyes, runny nose, sneezing, etc.) or more debilitating (pathological breathing difficulties, itchy lesions, and sometimes even eczema).
Allergies are currently the 4th leading cause of disease in Western countries, and dust mites are considered to be one of their main causes, after dust and pollen.
Our sedentary lifestyle in confined environments increases both the presence of dust mites and our sensitivity to them. We know that just 2 dust mites can generate 100,000 others in only 40 days, and so eliminating them is the only solution.